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Our "Ask SchwarzwaldMarie" is an ever-bubbling source of great information for your holiday in the Black Forest. With our SchwarzwaldMarie you have the holiday region in your pocket and all information at a glance.

Please note: This service is currently only available in German, but she will learn to speak English! Stay tuned for further information.



It's that easy: Share your location and our SchwarzwaldMarie will present you with leisure activities in your area within a radius of approx. 25 km. Browse to your heart's content for excursion destinations, tours, food & drink, events and places in your area. Of course, you'll find information on opening times and prices for all leisure activities, as well as many insider tips for your unforgettable time out in the Black Forest. By the way, with our Black Forest Card you can explore the Black Forest in a particularly eventful and inexpensive way. You can also find all 200 Black ForestCard attractions in our app. You can use the filters to browse further individually. And the best thing is: our "Ask SchwarzwaldMarie" is and remains free of charge.

Our SchwarzwaldMarie is particularly proud of her "good connections" in the truest sense of the word. Because no matter where a public transport stop in the Black Forest may be, our SchwarzwaldMarie knows it and also knows to the minute when the next bus or train will actually arrive. Not only on the basis of timetable data, but in real time!

It's great what our SchwarzwaldMarie can do, isn't it? And that's just the beginning, our SchwarzwaldMarie gets smarter and smarter as time goes on.

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Logo Frag Schwarzwaldmarie

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All about Ask SchwarwaldMarie


We have compiled the most important questions and answers about our "Ask SchwarzwaldMarie" for you.

Our SchwarzwaldMarie is your virtual assistant who will help you plan an eventful stay in the Black Forest. You can search for events, tours, restaurants, excursion destinations and much more in the Black Forest.

Our SchwarzwaldMarie has access to tens of thousands of data records on tourist activities and gives you tips on excursions and events as well as opening times, prices and much more. In addition, for all those who want to move sustainably, there is public transport data in real time. So you always know where the next stop is and exactly when the next bus or train will actually arrive. You no longer need a timetable.

Our offer is and remains free of charge for you.

Simply enter "Frag SchwarzwaldMarie" in the Google Play Store or Apple Store and you can download the app for free.

For Android you need at least the operating system Android 10 or newer, for Apple at least ioS 13.0 or newer.

No problem, the same offer is available to you as a web app. Simply enter in your browser or scan the QR code below.

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Sustainability is a matter of course for our SchwarzwaldMarie. She always shows you the nearest public transport stops (bus & train) and knows exactly when the next bus or train is coming - in real time! So you no longer need to look at the timetable.

Even the smartest helper can't know everything. But our SchwarzwaldMarie is constantly learning and is happy to receive your feedback if something is missing. Maybe your colleagues simply forgot to inform our SchwarzwaldMarie, we will gladly take care of it!


First of all, our SchwarzwaldMarie is sorry if any information is incorrect! Please let us know immediately so that we can train our SchwarzwaldMarie accordingly!


These are all the people who are already making sure that our "Ask SchwarzwaldMarie" has such great tips and ideas - and the community is growing all the time! Soon everyone will be able to whisper special tips in the Black Forest into the ears of our "Ask SchwarzwaldMarie" and share them with others. But that's all we're going to tell you yet! You can stay curious!